Security Forum reviews achievements in security groups and developments in Member States

Videoconference, 25-26 October 2022 — The members of the ECAC Security Forum met to review the progress made by ECAC’s security working groups, the outcomes of discussions at the 41st ICAO Assembly, implementation of the ECAC capacity-building programme, and the CASE II Project activities. Representatives of Albania briefed the meeting on national developments in various areas, including background checks, risk assessment coordination and cyber security.

Experts examine safety issues and accident investigations in Europe

Videoconference, 19-20 October 2022 — ECAC’s Air Accident and Incident Investigation Group of Experts (ACC) gathered to share information on recent significant aviation safety issues. The National Bureau of Air Accidents and Incidents Investigation (NBAAI) of Ukraine briefed participants on the status of their aviation sector, and delegates from other safety investigation authorities (AIB Denmark, BEA France, ANSV Italy and UEİM Türkiye) provided updates on their recent investigations.

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Recent developments, working methods and future work programme on the agenda for economic experts

Videoconference, 19-20 October 2022 — The Economic Working Group took stock of recent developments, began a new format of working, and agreed its proposed work programme for 2023. It received a detailed presentation from ACI EUROPE on air connectivity and the economic impacts of climate change, prompting decisions on new ways of working to examine the economic impacts of aviation policy issues in other domains - and other events creating potential economic shocks - through a series of shorter online topical meetings as well as the traditional twice-yearly meetings. It also agreed on proposals aimed to bring work on the Paris Agreement of 1956 to a conclusion and to refresh the liberalisation toolkit.

New training document on behaviour detection

Paris/online, 13-14 October 2022 — The ECAC Behaviour Detection Study Group developed a new document linking the online training methodology for behaviour detection and the model training programme for behaviour detection officers, at its 33rd meeting, hosted by the French Directorate General of Civil Aviation. This document is due to be finalised by mid-November 2022. New guidelines defining different levels of mentoring in behaviour detection will also be finalised in November 2022.

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Amendments to ECAC Doc 30 technical recommendations

Berlin/online, 11-12 October 2022 — The Technical Task Force met to review proposed amendments to ECAC Doc 30, Part II – Security technical recommendations. The proposed updates relate in particular to the adoption of a new standard for chemical substances to be detected by explosive detection systems for cabin baggage (EDSCB) and explosive trace detection (ETD), modification of the concept of operations for security scanners to allow screening without removing outer garments, implementation of requirements to use explosive vapour detection (EVD) for cargo screening, and new recommendations on threat image projection (TIP).

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Experts analyse data on potential sustainable aviation fuels supply

Videoconference, 13 October 2022 — The ECAC/EU Sustainable Aviation Fuels Task Group (SAF-TG) analysed preliminary data available on potential SAF supply at ECAC level at its online meeting on 13 October. The group also continued to develop the SAF guidance document and agreed that the draft could be finalised and sent to the European Aviation and Environment Group (EAEG) (Expanded) for consultation in early December.