Serbia hosts training course on inspecting security equipment

Belgrade, 26-28 March 2024 — The ECAC Secretariat organised a Best Practices for Inspecting Security Equipment training course in Belgrade for eight national auditors from Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia and Türkiye, to develop their knowledge of ECAC Doc 30, Part II (Security) recommendations in the field of security equipment.

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EMTO maps out future deliverables and reviews ECAC strategy

Videoconference, 28 March 2024 — The main focus of the 72nd meeting of the ECAC Medium-Term Objectives Task Force (EMTO) this month was to plan the delivery of additional work commissioned by the Coordinating Committee the previous day (CC/200) on the Common Evaluation Process of security equipment (CEP) funding models and the terms of reference and rules of procedure of ECAC groups.

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Coordinating Committee endorses proposals for upcoming key meetings, and advances cooperation initiatives

Paris, 27 March 2024 — The members of the ECAC Coordinating Committee gathered to cover an agenda focusing on preparations for the April meeting of Directors General, to be held in Paris on 25 April 2024 (DGCA/162).  The members endorsed proposals for the 2025-2027 work programme and budget. They also agreed to the submission to DGCA/162 of proposals on the treatment of contributions in arrears and on the recording of meetings.

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