News from the ECAC Secretariat

Bas Jacobs joins the ECAC Secretariat as a trainee from the Netherlands to support the activities of the group on the legal status of ECAC (LEGS). Bas is the Secretariat’s first trainee and will work directly with the Executive Secretary Patricia Reverdy as his mentor. Currently, he is pursuing an advanced LL. M in Air and Space Law at Leiden University, for which he expects to graduate in August 2023.

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ECAC Coordinating Committee members meet with United States’ government representatives in Washington

Washington DC, 30-31 May 2023 — Members of the ECAC Coordinating Committee were welcomed by representatives of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Department of Transportation (DOT) and State Department. The two-day meeting in Washington DC (CC-US/27) was held to exchange information on a broad array of key issues ranging from aviation security, innovative technologies and commercial space, to transatlantic cooperation and furthering the sustainable aviation agenda.

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ECAC Member State appointments in April and May

  • Crispin Orr (United Kingdom) as chair of the ECAC Air Accident and Incident Investigation Group of Experts (ACC) for a second three-year mandate.
  • Giovanna Laschena (Italy) as chair of the ECAC Network of Diversity and Inclusion in civil aviation.
  • Mari Durban (United Kingdom) as deputy chair of the ECAC Network of Diversity and Inclusion in civil aviation.
  • Kirsi Tervola-Joutsen (Finland) as deputy chair of the Sub-Group on Persons with Reduced Mobility.
  • Ann-Kristin Hanssen (Norway) as deputy chair of the Legal Task Force.
  • Päivi Jämsä (Finland) as deputy chair of the Economic Working Group.

Tailored training for Ukrainian auditors

Warsaw, 23-26 May 2023 — A four-day Best Practices for National Auditors – Level 2 (BPNA-2) training course was organised for ten aviation security auditors from the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine (SAAU). The course was hosted by the Civil Aviation Authority of Poland and took place in Warsaw.

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Five ECAC cyber security training courses conducted online since January

Videoconference, 22-24 May 2023 — The 5th online Best Practices for National Auditors – Cyber Security (basic) training course was delivered in May for aviation security auditors from Austria. During the course, the participants learned about the basic principles applicable to identify and protect critical aviation information and communications technology systems and data against cyber threats.

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Information sharing session on labour skills and shortages — economic experts explore considerations for industry and governments relating to labour issues in aviation

Videoconference, 24 May 2023 — The Economic Working Group and Network of Chief Economists held their first information sharing session on the topic of labour skills and shortages. The session started with an industry summary from IATA on skills and labour shortages. Updates were then shared by States who had experienced specific challenges in this area in the past 12 months, as well as those who, through specific interventions or the fact of having different market conditions, had thus far avoided significant issues.

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