Legal experts agree on follow-up to ICAO Assembly decisions

Videoconference, 31 October 2022 — At its last meeting of the year, the ECAC Legal Task Force reviewed the main outcomes of the Legal Commission of the 41st ICAO Assembly against European priorities, and agreed on several follow-up actions. It also agreed its proposed work programme for 2023 and a series of minor amendments to the draft cooperation arrangement between ECAC and ACI relating to the delivery of activities by ACI under the framework of the CASE II Project. The draft text will be presented to ECAC Directors General of Civil Aviation for consideration in the coming weeks.

Facilitation experts focus on aviation immigration and PRM issues

Facilitation Sub-Group on Immigration

Paris, 25 October 2022 — The Facilitation Sub-Group on Immigration reviewed the year’s work and established priorities for the coming year. It looked at issues related to implementation of the EU’s Entry/Exit System and the Electronic Travel Information and Authorisation System, and will monitor progress and share means to ensure the highest level of preparedness for the introduction of the systems. The group also agreed to pursue further work on issues around non-ECAC States’ requests for passenger name record data that were capable of creating a number of legal conflicts.

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Management Group considers 2023 work programme

Stockholm/videoconference, 28 October 2022 — Chaired by ECAC Focal Point for Security, Gunnar Ljungberg, the Security Programme Management Group reviewed the performance of the task forces and study groups in 2022 and considered their work programmes for 2023.

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ECAC participation in environment events

ECAC’s climate change and capacity-building specialist, César Velarde, participated in several conferences on the theme of aviation and the environment on 18, 19 and 27 October. The purpose of these events was to look at decarbonising aviation and the current global and European policy background and roadmaps. Mr Velarde’s contributions focused in particular on the environmental achievements at the recent 41st ICAO Assembly and on sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) developments in Europe, and ECAC’s work on these subjects.

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Communication specialists develop guidelines

Videoconference, 27 October 2022 — Over 20 communications experts gathered for the third session of the ECAC Network of Communication Specialists (NETCOM). The meeting reviewed several reference documents developed by the group under its annual work programme on: promoting civil aviation, cooperation between Member States on communication matters, media relations, crisis communication, intercultural communication and communication training. They agreed to present the final versions to Directors General for their endorsement before the end of the year.

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CEP Management Group boosts quality control

Videoconference, 26-27 October 2022 — The 55th meeting of the CEP Management Group reviewed the CEP Test Centre Quality Plan Guidance document developed by the Quality Control Study Group. This document aims to set out the quality baseline for potential new CEP participating test centres and to support continuous quality improvement in the existing centres.

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