ECAC Security Forum considers task-prioritisation mechanisms in the field of aviation security technology

Videoconference, 26 June 2023 — The Security Forum met online to discuss the factors and mechanisms to be considered when setting work priorities in the field of aviation security technology. Participants agreed that recent, mainly bottom-up prioritisation should be transferred into a cycle incorporating both bottom-up and top-down principles, with a more transparent process. The prioritisation process should also take into account all stakeholders’ demands and facilitation considerations.

EMTO task force considers ECAC 2025-2027 work programme

Paris, 22 June 2023 — The ECAC Medium-Term Objectives Task Force focused its attention on the organisation’s performance against its 2022-2024 work programme, and on initial proposals for the 2025-2027 work programme and associated budget. Noting that much progress had been made on the current work programme, the task force emphasised the need to look at possible enhancements of working methods for groups based on some approaches already taken, for example by the task group on ECAC’s legal status and the Network of Communication Specialists, and on the importance of a diverse pool of current and future chairs of groups to help bring new talent forward.

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Norway hosts ECAC Technical Task Force meeting in Bodø

Bodø/hybrid, 21-22 June 2023 — The meeting of the ECAC Technical Task Force (TTF) was kindly hosted by the civil aviation authority of Norway in Bodø, where participants had the opportunity to discuss aviation security technology topics defined in the task force’s 2023 work programme.

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Second training on risk management in aviation security

Tirana, 20-21 June 2023 — A Best Practices for Risk Management in Aviation Security training course was conducted in Tirana with a contribution from an instructor from the Romanian civl aviation authority. The course aimed to provide security experts from the Albanian Civil Aviation Authority and other national authorities involved in risk assessment with the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills necessary to develop and implement a national risk assessment methodology, and develop effective mitigating measures.

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Legal Task Force discusses enhanced information-sharing opportunities

Paris, 21 June 2023 — The ECAC Legal Task Force met in person for its 47th meeting. Participants exchanged information on the legal aspects of recent global activities, particularly in relation to the ICAO Legal Committee and the ICAO Secretariat Study Group on Legal Issues related to Pilotless Aircraft (SSG-LIPA). They agreed to coordinate input on focus area proposals
for the next Civil Aviation Legal Advisors Forum (CALAF/3), which will take place in the United Kingdom in autumn 2024.

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