Third CEP awareness training for ECAC Member State security experts

Videoconference, 30-31 January 2023 — More than 30 aviation security experts from 16 ECAC Member States attended the ECAC Common Evaluation Process (CEP) of security equipment awareness training webinar. The purpose of the webinar was to provide the attendees with a better understanding of the CEP, and its role in supporting Member States in their national certification/approval of security equipment.

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News from the Secretariat

30 January 2023 — Vesna Pavlov joined the ECAC Secretariat on 30 January as a secondee from the North Macedonia civil aviation authorities, where she worked as an aerodrome advisor for 13 years and since 2020 as an aerodrome inspector. Vesna will be with ECAC for three months, and the main focus of her work will be on the Quality Assessment Programme for assistance to passengers with reduced mobility. Vesna will spend the first month as a virtual secondee working from her own country before joining the team in Paris at the end of February. This is the first time a virtual secondment arrangement has been used in the ECAC Secretariat.

Inaugural meeting of the ECAC Network on Diversity and Inclusion

Videoconference, 27 January 2023 — Diversity and inclusion have become priorities in several industries, including the aviation sector. Recognising the importance of this, an ECAC Network on Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in civil aviation was created in December 2022, with the main objective of promoting the sharing of knowledge and experience notably on how to leverage D&I for organisational excellence between representatives in ECAC Member States.

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Focus on understanding sustainability requirements applicable to SAF at the monthly ECAC webinar on basic knowledge on aviation and the environment

Videoconference, 25 January 2023 — The 15th monthly familiarisation webinar on basic knowledge on aviation and the environment was dedicated to improving understanding of the sustainability requirements applicable to sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), and their certification process. It focused in particular on the CORSIA and EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) requisites.

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Sustainable Aviation Fuels Task Group reviews draft SAF guidance

Videoconference, 23 January 2023 — The Sustainable Aviation Fuels Task Group reviewed the proposals from EAEG (Expanded) to improve the draft ECAC guidance on sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), which had been prepared by the task group and delivered in December 2022, and provided support to the EAEG (Expanded) co-chairs in incorporating those proposals into the draft for revision and final endorsement by ECAC Directors General.

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Explosive detection dog experts consider 2023 priorities

Videoconference, 18-20 January 2023 — The Explosive Detection Dogs Study Group (EDD) gathered to review the outcomes of the group’s 2022 activities and to consider its priorities for 2023.

Key activities in 2023 will include updating EDD documentation so that it will be more useful for Member States, and developing an EDD mentoring programme for Member States who wish to develop a new EDD programme.

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