Tailored training on sustainable aviation fuels for experts from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo, 28-29 September 2023 — The fifth tailored training on sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) provided to an ECAC Member State was successfully delivered at the regional office of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation (BHDCA) in Sarajevo. It welcomed the active participation of 11 representatives from different national bodies, including the ministries of Communications and Transportation, and Foreign Trade and Economic Relationships, the airport operators of Banja Luka, Sarajevo and Tuzla, as well as the Faculty of Transport and Communication from the University of Sarajevo.

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Meetings of behaviour detection experts

Paris, 26-27 September 2023 — Recent research and development initiatives in questioning techniques in the field of behaviour detection (BD) were the focus of the fifth ECAC Behaviour Detection Research and Development Workshop in Paris.

Several presentations by behaviour detection experts gave participants the opportunity to explore the current status of scientific research initiatives on questioning techniques in BD and to share their outcomes, with the aim of further developing and strengthening the implementation of BD among ECAC Member States and worldwide. During two panel discussions, participants discussed the main challenges in implementing BD as well as expectations, limitations and the future impact of BD technology.

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Aviation cyber security experts finalise 2023 programme and fix priorities for 2024

Videoconference, 19 September 2023 — The Study Group on Cyber Security in Civil Aviation met to review progress on the group’s 2023 work programme. Draft guidance on oversight, recruitment and training of cyber personnel in aviation authorities, and risk assessment methodology were discussed and the relevant guidance material should be finalised by the end of 2023. The group also endorsed new content and a new structure for Chapter 14 (Cyber Security) of ECAC Doc 30, Part II – Security. The purpose of this update is to merge the requirements stemming from aviation security, aviation safety and resilience legislative frameworks applicable in the European region.

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Ambitious 2023 work programme for the Guidance Material Task Force

Videoconference, 12-13 September 2023 — New guidance on the use of the 3D Standard Test Piece and on the alarm resolution process of explosive detection systems for cabin baggage (EDSCB), and revised guidance material on organising and conducting covert tests were endorsed by the Guidance Material Task Force at their meeting online in September. Seven new documents were finalised at the end of September through written consultation, on topics such as trends analysis and sharing the results of compliance monitoring, and the regulated agent security programme.

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Strategic discussions at the ECAC Medium-Term Objectives Task Force meeting

Videoconference, 13 September 2023 — Continuing preparation of the 2025-2027 work programme and budget was the main focus of the ECAC Medium-Term Objectives Task Force’s September meeting. A revised proposal for the work programme will be taken back to group members for further refinements, and an additional meeting will be organised to develop proposals to be sent to the Coordinating Committee.

The task force also proposed some improvements to the reporting of risks included in the ECAC Risk Register. The meeting supported the nomination of Karin Puleo-Leodolter (Austria) as new chair, subject to formal appointment by the Coordinating Committee.

European preparations for ICAO CAEP/13 steering group meeting 2023

Paris, 11 September 2023 — The European Aviation and Environment Working Group (EAEG) held its annual in-person meeting in Paris to progress European coordination for the second steering group meeting of the 13th cycle of the ICAO Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP), which will take place in Takamatsu (Japan) from 16 to 20 October 2023.

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