Action Plans for Emissions Reduction Task Group (APER TG)

APER TG is one of the EAEG (Expanded) specialist groups.

The group is composed of a small number of experts from States and from EASA and EUROCONTROL.

The task of the group is two-fold. It is tasked with:

  • drafting a common section of European Action Plans for emissions reductions, presenting the mitigating measures taken collectively throughout Europe and their expected benefits;
  • providing an ECAC baseline scenario as defined in ICAO guidance (Doc 9988), with the support of EUROCONTROL.

The 4th edition of the ECAC/EU common section of European State Action Plans, including the baseline scenario, which is available here, was endorsed by all ECAC Directors General on 2 June 2021 and provided to ECAC Member States, in order to incorporate them into their updated action plans to be submitted to ICAO preferably by 30 June 2021, as stipulated in ICAO A40-18.

The APER Task Group is dormant between updates, and is expected to be reactivated every three years to meet the requirements for updating States' Action Plans stipulated in ICAO resolutions.

Status of European submissions of Action Plans to ICAO

ECAC counts a total of 41 Action Plans submitted to ICAO, amongst which 21 of them were further updated with the incorporation of the latest ECAC baseline scenario and an updated common section.

Publicly available plans can be downloaded from this page

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