From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, ECAC was committed to supporting its Member States during this unprecedented crisis.

ECAC hosted European coordination meetings via videoconference from 17 March 2020, bringing together the Directors General of the 44 ECAC Member States, the European Commission, EASA and EUROCONTROL.

Held every three to four days at the beginning of the crisis and later, once every three weeks, the main objective of these meetings was to exchange on latest developments, explore relief measures for stakeholders and the industry at both national and European levels, and to look at challenges and solutions that needed to be urgently addressed for the benefit of the Member States and the aviation sector.

A number of policy documents and guidelines were issued, such as documents comprising key elements on economic matters, security, facilitation, and passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) charges, as well as a communication strategy to strengthen public confidence.

During the crisis, several surveys on the existing restrictions and travel requirements as well as the implementation of health protocols were launched. In addition, to support its Member States ECAC launched surveys on the economic relief measures implemented in the Member States. The collected and continuously updated information was shared among ECAC Directors General, serving as a basis for further discussion and helping to benchmark national activities.

The lessons learnt from COVID-19 are now being "mainstreamed" across all domains of ECAC's work to promote the sustainable recovery of the industry.

Some of the non-restricted outcomes of the discussion and the work in the Secretariat are presented below.


Title  Version Date Download

Key elements on PRM charges

1 25 August 2021 download

Aviation Day Conference, Lisbon (3 May 2021): Speech of the President of ECAC, Ms Ingrid Cherfils

1 3 May 2021 download

Key elements on Economic matters for supporting the aviation sector following the COVID-19 crisis

4 6 April 2021 download

ECAC Communications Strategy - COVID-19: Strengthening public confidence

2 9 June 2020 download

Key elements on Facilitation for supporting the aviation sector following the COVID-19 crisis

3 18 May 2020 download


ECAC News on COVID-19 matters

ECAC News n°71