Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are creating a new industry with large economic potential. Over the past years, the civil UAS sector has experienced significant and exponential growth, with a strong impact on traditional aviation systems and topics. It is within this context that ECAC Member States are being challenged with the safe, secure and efficient integration of UAS into environments shared by a highly regulated and well-established, manned aircraft industry.

UAS is considered to have become a strategic sector, with transversal implications affecting several industries. ECAC has assumed, within its goals, the promotion and harmonised development of the UAS future in Europe at a strategic level. ECAC's work in this area focuses on exchanging high-level views on possible developments to cope with current and future challenges in the field of UAS, which evolve dynamically.

At the same time, ECAC supports the sharing of experiences and national policies and practices on UAS among its Member States and other strategic international key partners such as China, India, Israel and the United States.


ECAC RPAS Report 2019

Download here the Executive Summary of the ECAC RPAS Report 2019 on Commercial Drones Regulation and Industry Analyses, Trends, Opportunities and Forecasting (First edition, April 2020).


Publications on unmanned aircraft systems

ECAC News #73 UAS Bulletin 01