Capacity-Building Programme for Environment

ECAC's commitment to environmental capacity-building is long-standing, and the ECAC's work programme recognises the need for environmental capacity-building as a priority. Its environmental tasks already support States sharing information and building capacity mainly through the ECAC Environmental Forum but also though the work of the European Aviation and Environment Working Group (EAEG) co-chaired with the European Commission.

The prioritisation of environmental capacity-building dates back to the 2016 Bratislava Declaration commitment to addressing needs that would arise from States requiring technical assistance in relation to the implementation of the Carbon Offsetting and reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA). The recruitment of a Climate Change and Capacity-Building Specialist in December 2020 within the ECAC Secretariat enables the development of a new capacity-building programme for ECAC Member States.

This additional boost to environmental capacity-building will seek to enable Member States to deliver their environmental obligations and develop their action plans for improving the environmental performance in aviation.  It also aims to build on ECAC's previous capacity-building success in other aviation domains, by further strengthening the competencies and knowledge of officials at all levels dealing with environment matters in ECAC Member States.

ECAC News on environmental matters

ECAC News n°59