ECAC's work programme 2022-2024 for environment

Aim: To promote internationally European environmental priorities, policies and practices.


  • To promote European environmental aviation priorities, policies and practices in international fora, i.e. at ICAO and in the framework of ECAC's MoUs with sister organisations and other bilateral agreements, and to coordinate European positions.
  • To maintain European participation and increase its influence in the ICAO Committee on aviation environmental protection (CAEP).
  • To contribute to improve the robustness, environmental integrity and compliance of CORSIA over time, via European contribution to the relevant CAEP Working Groups and Task Forces.
  • Support work on a Long-Term Aspirational Goal (LTAG) for international aviation.

Aim: To further harmonise European environmental policies, practices and tools and to showcase internationally.


  • To share information on current European practices, initiatives and regulations and to identify areas and needs for further European harmonisation.
  • To support the development and maintenance by Europe of effective tools for the analysis of environmental impacts, in order to support policy decisions at the European and international levels, and to foster synergies and mutualisation of resources in this area.
  • To aim for the harmonised submission of 44 European action plans for emissions reductions to show European determination against climate change, and to mutualise efforts.
  • To support the implementation of CORSIA in application of ECAC's Bratislava Declaration and the subsequent ECAC States' notification of participation in CORSIA, and to organise feed-back from experience (pilot phase).

Aim: To actively contribute to the enhancement of international environmental policies and technical developments in aviation, also taking into account priorities and concerns from European stakeholders.



  • To keep abreast of results of assessment work on current and expected impacts of environmental policies, expected technical enhancements and of scientific developments, with a view to informing the determination of environmental priorities for the medium and long term.
  • To support the determination of European priorities for the future regarding international aviation and the environment.

Aim: To build capacity in ECAC Member States and other partner States representing political or economic interest for ECAC, and increase European expertise on aviation and the environment.


  • To maintain and update and develop the experts' knowledge and increase the availability of European expertise, including a good understanding of major priorities and concerns of European stakeholders (industry and environmental NGOs).
  • To promote implementation of CORSIA via the provision of capacity-building activities to partner States or regions.
  • To keep abreast of developments in other fora, in particular relating to international agreements on climate change and scientific developments.


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