Environmental Programme Management Group (EPMG)

The Environmental Programme Management Group (EPMG) is the overarching group to supervise the environmental activity of ECAC, to steer the expert groups and to communicate with them via the chairs' reports, including on the thrust of debates taking place in the Environmental Forum.

It is chaired by the Focal Point for Environmental matters and composed of the co-chairs of the European Aviation and Environment Working Group (EAEG) and the chair of the Environmental Forum.

The EPMG holds focused biannual meetings ahead of DGCA meetings. It is tasked with: 

  • reflecting on European environmental priorities, arising subjects, needs for harmonisation, coordination and support to ECAC Member States, including for the purposes of coordinated implementation of ICAO resolutions and capacity building;
  • general supervision of the work of ECAC groups, including steering as necessary, and communication with the groups via the group leaders who will provide feedback from the groups, including on the thrust of debates taking place in the Forum;
  • review of the work programme including assessment of its implementation and endorsement of future work programmes respectively proposed by EAEG and the Environmental Forum and, as necessary, provision of advice on the appropriate structures and processes for addressing needs and priorities;
  • overview of European involvement in ICAO environmental activities (including CAEP) and proposed priorities in this respect;
  • preparations for meetings of the ECAC Coordinating Committee and DGCAs.

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