Diversity, equity and inclusion

Among the ECAC diversity-related activities is the creation by the Secretariat of an e-library dedicated to Directors General of Civil Aviation in ECAC Member States and their experts dealing with diversity, equity and inclusion matters in their administrations. This e-library includes reference documents (such as national strategies, European policies, studies and articles) on diversity, equity, inclusion, and mentoring programmes.

A Network on Diversity and Inclusion in civil aviation was created in December 2022, bringing together persons dealing with diversity, equity and inclusion topics in the civil aviation administrations across the ECAC Member States. The main role of this network is to:

  • Promote the sharing of knowledge, experience and information between representatives in ECAC Member States, including through the development of guidelines and best practices.
  • Identify challenges faced by ECAC Member States in their activities and propose possible actions to address them.
  • Discuss other diversity issues relevant to the work of ECAC and/or of interest to ECAC Member States, as appropriate.

ECAC News on diversity and inclusion

ECAC News n°80 - Diversity and inclusion