Sustainable Aviation Fuels Task Group (SAF-TG)

In the structure for ECAC's environmental group, EAEG (European Aviation and Environment Working Group) expanded can be supported by small temporary or permanent specialist task groups for the provision of technical input or preparatory work.

The SAF-TG is an ad-hoc specialised group that will work under the supervision of the EAEG (expanded), and in conformity with its Terms of Reference.

The group is composed by a group of volunteer European experts from Member States, EASA, EUROCONTROL and the European Commission. It is supported by the ECAC Secretariat under its Capacity-Building Programme for Environment.

The group is tasked with the development and update of a Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) best practices document, promoting technical understanding and best practices in terms of SAF policies in ECAC Member States, as an initial step towards harmonisation, if and when deemed appropriate.

The development of the guidance material will be fed by input material collected through thematic SAF workshops which, by request of the task group, will be organised by the ECAC Secretariat either under the Capacity-Building Programme for Environment or under the Environmental Forum, as well as through potential surveys, to share and collect information provided by European States and stakeholders regarding expected technical developments and incentivising policies.

On an ad hoc basis, other partner States, industry or international stakeholders can be invited to deliver presentations for the collection and sharing of information to feed the development of the best practice document.

The task group will be active until the delivery of the best practice document and will be automatically disbanded at that point. If a need were seen subsequently to re-activate the group, then that would be the subject of a separate decision.

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