CEP Management Group agrees on roadmap

20-21 April 2022 - The ECAC Common Evaluation Process (CEP) Management Group concluded the discussions on the draft CEP roadmap 2022-2024 at its 53rd meeting, held online in April. Other topics covered at the meeting included finding feasible solutions for equipment manufacturers whose supply chain of potential critical elements could be impacted by the war in Ukraine, and progress made on the tray equivalence protocol and the appropriate designation for each tray.

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Cyber security training for national auditors

19-21 April 2022 - A Best Practices for National Auditors – Cyber Security (Basic) training course was organised online for national auditors from the Czech Republic and Finland.

The purpose of the course was to strengthen the auditors’ understanding of common cyber threats to civil aviation, possible cyber attack on critical aviation systems scenarios, and cyber security measures, and to include this component in their national compliance monitoring activities.

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Task force endorses guidance material

Paris/videoconference, 12-13 April 2022 - Guidance on performance-based oversight: concepts and principles for best practices; Guidance on best practices for procedures for achieving one-stop security with another ECAC Member State; and Guidance material on screening liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) - revised ECAC Doc 30, Part II, Annex IV-4-E, were endorsed at the 55th meeting of the Guidance Material Task Force.

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ECAC contributes to ICAO seminar on sustainable aviation fuels

12 April 2022 - The ECAC Secretariat delivered a presentation on sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) at a capacity-building activity for experts from African States, organised by the ICAO Western and Central African (WACAF) and Eastern and Southern African (ESAF) offices. More than 50 representatives of the WACAF and ESAF States followed the event online.

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Study Group on Cyber Security in Civil Aviation

Bern/videoconference, 7-8 April 2022 - Topics discussed at the meeting of the ECAC Study Group on Cyber Security in Civil Aviation in April included competency-based cyber security training, risk management for the supply chain, cyber security standards for screening equipment and cyber oversight models.

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