Communication for civil aviation

In July 2021, the ECAC Network of Communication Specialists (NETCOM) was established with the objective to foster cooperation and enhance the effectiveness of ECAC Member States' communication capabilities through the sharing of knowledge, experience, and best practices in the field of communication for civil aviation (including, for example, handling media requests and guidelines for spokespersons, crisis communication, intercultural communication, communication training needs, etc.).

In line with this objective, NETCOM has the mandate to:

  • Promote the sharing of knowledge, experience and information between communication specialists in ECAC Member States, including through the development of guidelines and best practices in the field of communication for civil aviation.
  • Identify challenges faced by ECAC Member States in their communication activities, and propose possible actions to address and resolve them.
  • Discuss other communication issues relevant to the work of ECAC and/or of interest to ECAC Member States, as appropriate.
  • Contribute to the further development of the ECAC Communication Strategy and its Annexes up to date.

ECAC Spotlight on communication for civil aviation

ECAC News n°76 - Spotlight on NETCOM (Alexandra Kaufman)