Ingrid Cherfils offers some reflections on the events and highlights that have marked her presidency

One of the more memorable and proudest memories of my presidency was the agreement reached during the ICAO Assembly in 2016 on CORSIA (Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation), the first ever global sectoral agreement. Without Europe and its 44 Member States, there would probably not have been any sectoral agreement of this kind.

The last three years have been dominated by the legal and administrative separation of ECAC from ICAO. ECAC is now stronger and can focus on delivering added value for the benefit of its Member States and in accordance with its work programme. 

More recently, a tremendous amount of work has been dedicated to addressing COVID-19 and its impact on the aviation sector and the Member States, preparing and chairing regular online meetings to find coordinated approaches across all ECAC Member States to facilitate the recovery of the sector. This has also included participating in the ICAO/CART work. During this time, cooperation with stakeholders, regional organisations and other partners intensified more than ever.

As president, I have strived to maintain good relationships with the European Commission, EUROCONTROL and EASA, keeping in mind the pan-European perspective of ECAC. This has been instrumental in successfully promoting coordinated European positions from the 44 Member States. I have also been keen to encourage more States to become involved, and participate actively in defining ECAC’s priorities.