Serbia hosts training course on inspecting security equipment

Belgrade, 26-28 March 2024 — The ECAC Secretariat organised a Best Practices for Inspecting Security Equipment training course in Belgrade for eight national auditors from Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia and Türkiye, to develop their knowledge of ECAC Doc 30, Part II (Security) recommendations in the field of security equipment.

Areas covered included technical specifications and performance standards for various security technologies.

The primary objectives of the course were twofold: to present the key elements for the effective deployment of security equipment, as well as to describe the capabilities and limitations of different screening technologies.

Through theoretical training and practical activities conducted at the airport, participants gained practical insights into inspecting the deployment of security equipment across various domains of aviation security.

The course also served as a reminder of the role of the Appropriate Authority and the ECAC Common Evaluation Process of security equipment  (CEP) in assessing security equipment.  

The valuable contribution of an experienced security expert from Norway as a co-instructor further enriched the learning experience.