Focus on broad range of topics at recent Facilitation Working Group meeting

Videoconference, 12 October 2023 — A broad range of facilitation topics, including assistance to air accidents, air carrier liability, assistance dogs, and the ECAC Quality Assistance Programme were on the agenda of the 66th ECAC Facilitation Working Group. Extensive updates on these topics were provided as part of the feedback from the facilitation sub-groups on immigration and persons with reduced mobility. The meeting agreed the draft facilitation work programme for 2024, which reflected the growing importance and diversity of matters being addressed in this field by ECAC Member States.

With strong support from meeting participants, it was also agreed that the group would present a paper to Directors General in December to propose the formalisation of facilitation-led activities under an ECAC ad hoc study group on assistance to air accident victims. This was due in part to growing awareness and expectations for States to implement international requirements to provide timely assistance to air accident victims as part of the aviation sector’s emergency planning.