ECAC air accident and incident investigation experts convene in Paris

Paris, 11-12 October 2023 — The 59th meeting of the ECAC Air Accident and Incident Investigation Group of Experts (ACC/59) brought together 63 air safety investigators from 27 ECAC Member States and observers from Morocco, Arab Civil Aviation Organization (ACAO), European Commission (DG MOVE), EASA, European Network of Civil Aviation Safety Investigation Authorities (ENCASIA), IATA, ICAO, ISASI/ESASI and industry stakeholders.

Opening the meeting, ECAC Focal Point for Safety, Piotr Samson (DGCA Poland), welcomed the participants and set the scene for the ensuing discussions. ECAC Executive Secretary, Patricia Reverdy, provided insights into ECAC’s strategic priorities relevant to the activities and discussions of ACC.

Key topics addressed included recent and ongoing safety investigations, with a particular emphasis on the field of business aviation. The discussions shed light on challenges and valuable lessons learned from accident investigations, underscoring the significance of sharing experiences and good practices. Moreover, the meeting provided a platform to receive updates from various organisations and industry stakeholders, offering an overview of aviation safety initiatives in Europe and across the globe.

Beyond the productive exchanges, participants enjoyed a series of technical visits to the National Air and Space Museum of France and the Dassault Falcon Service maintenance centre at Le Bourget airport.