Tailored training for Ukrainian auditors

Warsaw, 23-26 May 2023 — A four-day Best Practices for National Auditors – Level 2 (BPNA-2) training course was organised for ten aviation security auditors from the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine (SAAU). The course was hosted by the Civil Aviation Authority of Poland and took place in Warsaw.

The aim of the course, considered as recurrent training for Ukrainian auditors, was to support the auditors in maintaining practical competencies to conduct compliance monitoring activities during this difficult time for Ukraine. It combined theoretical training focusing on reviewing new and amended provisions of ECAC Doc 30, Part II – Security, with classroom activities and discussions aimed at sharing best practices for conducting inspections and audits. Particular attention was paid to supporting the auditors in maintaining the practical knowledge and skills necessary to conduct inspections and audits. In doing so, several airport activities were organised that allowed the participants to practise inspecting passenger and cabin screening, access control, security control of airport supplies, screening of hold baggage, as well as deployment and use of security equipment.

An experienced aviation security expert from ANAC (Portugal) participated in the course as a co-instructor to share practical knowledge, experience and best practices for conducting inspections.

"The SAAU expresses its gratitude to the ECAC Secretariat for the excellent arrangement and conduct of the course, and addresses many thanks to the CAA of Poland for the warm welcome displayed to the course participants from Ukraine and the valuable assistance pertaining to organising the course. The SAAU highly appreciates the work that has been done by ECAC and the CAA of Poland to provide the inspectors from Ukraine with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure effective functioning of the civil aviation industry." – Mr Volodymyr Machuskyi, Director of the AVSEC Department, SAAU of Ukraine, who also attended the course.