ACC Workshop on the treatment of serious incidents

Bratislava, 25 April 2023 — The treatment of serious incidents in civil aviation was the theme of the last ECAC Air Accident and Incident Investigation (ACC) workshop that brought together 80 participants from 29 States and 14 organisations, including ICAO, the European Commission, EASA, safety investigation authorities, operators and manufacturers.

The aim of the workshop was to provide a platform for participants to share their experiences and perspectives, and to develop best practices on the classification of serious incidents and make informed decisions on safety investigations.

In his opening address, Piotr Samson, President of the Civil Aviation Authority of Poland and ECAC Focal Point for Safety, emphasised the significant advancements in technology and safety that the aviation sector witnessed in the last decade. There have been many new technological developments (including drones and artificial intelligence), new types of aircraft have been introduced, and new safety regulations have been implemented. However, the need for aviation safety remained a top priority in the aviation industry.

During four workshop sessions, participants discussed eight case studies, and the importance of improving communication between the various stakeholders involved in safety investigations, as well as the need to facilitate data sharing and analysis to enhance the effectiveness of safety investigations. They also discussed the importance of applying a proactive approach to safety management, where incidents are viewed as opportunities to improve aviation safety.