Security experts discuss challenges and best practices on recruitment, training and certification of screeners

Paris/videoconference, 18-19 April 2023 – More than 40 security experts from 25 ECAC Member States, including from the industry, participated in a workshop on recruitment, training and certification of screeners in a post-pandemic environment. For the first time, ECAC organised such an event in a hybrid format to meet the requests of several Member States wishing to join the workshop remotely for practical and cost-management reasons.

The workshop comprised five thematic sessions aimed at reviewing and discussing developments and challenges encountered in recruiting screeners, and their training and certification in the post-COVID environment. Participants shared their experiences from the pandemic period and return-to-normal operations, and shared lessons learnt and best practices for addressing the key challenges. Their discussions focused in particular on the changing role of cabin and hold baggage screeners using screening technologies (EDS/EDSCB equipment, APID software), and the challenges and best practices in training and certifying screeners who interpret 3D x-ray images.

Participants acknowledged the need for careful consideration of human factor principles affecting a screener’s performance, and for the proper selection of screeners and tailoring their training and certification according to the rapid technological changes in aviation security.

"It was great to see so many attendees, States and partners involved in the workshop, which saw interesting discussions, questions and experience-sharing on common challenges. This not only allowed the States present to consider different approaches for their own national systems but also highlighted the importance of future considerations around automation, human performance and human factors." – Nina Smith, workshop moderator (United Kingdom CAA and chair of the ECAC Training Task Force).