Second recurrent training and recertification of ECAC auditors

Paris, 12-13 April 2023 — The ECAC Secretariat organised the second Recurrent Training and Recertification of ECAC Auditors in the form of a workshop. The purpose of this activity was to confirm that auditors still possess the necessary knowledge and competencies, including knowledge of ECAC Doc 30, Part II — Security and the ECAC Audit Methodology, to participate in ECAC audits.

In a series of classroom activities and discussions, the auditors reviewed recent amendments to Doc 30, and developed a common understanding of new and amended Doc 30 recommendations. They also exchanged experiences and best practices in auditing Doc 30 recommendations with the aim of developing consistency in evaluating their implementation.
At the end of the workshop, the participants sat a series of written tests. The recertified auditors will be invited by the Secretariat to participate in security audits in the coming months, according to Member States’ needs.

Depending on the requests received from Member States to participate in the audit programme in 2024, a training and certification session may be organised at the end of 2023 or beginning of 2024 for new auditors wishing to join the programme.