CEP participating test centres coordinate ahead of the CEP Management Group meeting

Videoconference, 20 April 2023 — Representatives of the ECAC Common Evaluation Process of security equipment (CEP) participating test centres, the chair and deputy chair of the CEP Management Group, and the ECAC Secretariat met online ahead of the 57th meeting of the CEP Management Group scheduled on 3-4 May. Key issues discussed at the meeting included progress made on ongoing tests, and the test centres’ available capacity until the end of 2023. The participants noted that available capacity was sufficient to allow the CEP Management Group to allocate most of the tests already requested by manufacturers.

The participants also reviewed the advance planning schedule for several campaigns to test various types of equipment against new performance standards. Tests will include EDS (capable of detecting explosives contained in hold baggage), ETD (capable of detecting traces of explosives on surfaces), EVD (capable of detecting vapour released by explosives materials, and APIDS (capable of detecting prohibited articles different from explosives contained in cabin baggage).

These coordination meetings will continue to be organised a few weeks ahead of each CEP Management Group meeting.