ECAC pilot training course on diversity and inclusion in civil aviation

Videoconference, 15 and 31 March 2023 — In December 2022, Directors General decided to organise an online pilot training course on diversity and inclusion for ECAC Member States, in response to the consolidated results of the ECAC diversity, equity, and inclusion survey conducted in summer 2022. In responding to the survey, several Member States had requested capacity-building activities on diversity matters to promote a better understanding of diversity good practices in the work environment.

To ensure the training course met the needs of the Member States, the ECAC Secretariat selected a dedicated training provider to deliver the pilot course over three training sessions. The sessions were held on 27 February, 15 March and 31 March 2023, and attended by representatives of twelve Member States: Austria, France, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Türkiye, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

The training course covered the topic of unconscious bias, as well as good practices to promote an inclusive work place, and keys to define a successful diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy. During the breakout sessions, practical examples were shared between the participants based on their experience in their own country. The course also saw the participation of EUROCONTROL’s HR Business Partner, Sélim Jardak.