ECAC takes actions on diversity and inclusion in civil aviation

Videoconference, 27 and 28 February 2023 In response to requests from several Member States and as agreed by Directors General in December 2022, the ECAC Secretariat has launched capacity-building activities on diversity matters with the objective of promoting a better understanding of diversity and inclusion good practices in the work environment. Among these initiatives is a diversity training course consisting of three sessions that will be held online in February-March 2023 addressing topics on diversity, equity, inclusion and unconscious bias. The first session was organised on 27 February.

The ECAC Network on Diversity and Inclusion in Civil Aviation (NETD&I) also continued its activities with the second meeting taking place on 28 February. During this meeting, the participants shared information on specific diversity and inclusion initiatives in their countries, finalised the proposal for the 2023 NETD&I work programme, and provided feedback on the first session of the ECAC training course on diversity, among other topics discussed.

ECAC's focus on promoting diversity and inclusion is an important step forward for civil aviation, creating a more inclusive and attractive air transport industry and thus also contributing to address the challenges faced by the sector.