ECAC-ICAO EUR/NAT regional workshop on assistance to aircraft accident victims and their families, Milan

Milan, 20 February 2023 — The joint ECAC-ICAO EUR/NAT regional workshop on assistance to aircraft accident victims and their families brought together 80 aviation experts from 29 States to discuss effective ways to better address the needs of those impacted by aircraft accidents. The event was held on 20 February, the International Day Commemorating Air Crash Victims and their Families.

During the workshop, participants shared their insights and experiences on a range of topics related to aircraft accident victims' assistance. They discussed challenges and opportunities for enhancing existing support mechanisms, and shared best practices for providing immediate and long-term support to victims and their families. This included looking at: the implementation of national family assistance plans; enabling effective regional cooperation; the handling of media enquiries; and psychological and emotional support to aircraft accident victims and their families.

The workshop also focused on ways to improve coordination and communication between various stakeholders involved in responding to an aircraft accident, including airlines, airports, government agencies, and non-governmental organisations, such as family associations. Participants explored the challenges of providing support in different cultural and linguistic contexts, as well as the importance of respecting the dignity and privacy of those affected.

The workshop was an important opportunity for aviation experts to share their knowledge and expertise and to learn from one another. The insights gained from the workshop will be used to take action to improve the quality of assistance provided to aircraft accident victims and their families, both in Europe and beyond.

This joint ECAC-ICAO EUR/NAT regional workshop is a significant step forward in improving the aviation industry's collective response to aircraft accidents. It demonstrates the commitment of States and industry to ensuring that those affected by aircraft accidents receive the best possible care and support.