Workshop on explosive detection dogs

Paris, 9-10 November 2022 — Over 30 policy officers, dog handlers, scientists, security inspectors and other specialists involved in the development and oversight of explosive detection dog (EDD) programmes joined the ECAC Workshop on Explosive Detection Dogs in Paris in November.

Held over two days, the main blocks of the programme covered training, certification and quality control, and screening in cargo operations, as well as allowing time for debate on future perspective areas of EDD deployment in an effort to make aviation more secure. Breakout sessions gave participants the opportunity for small group debates, with a choice of two topics: which types of cargo are suitable for EDD screening (and which cannot be screened), and brainstorming other possible areas for future deployment of EDD teams.

At the conclusion of the workshop, several proposals for the future work programme of the ECAC EDD Study Group were made. These included learning more about the United States’ EDD programme and exploring possibilities to further harmonise EDD standards in both regions, and considering the possibility of EDD experts cooperating on EDD awareness for activities to be delivered under the CASE II Project.