Joint ECAC/EU environment groups consider policy options to promote SAF and develop guidance

Videoconference, 1 and 15 December 2022 — The members of the ad hoc ECAC/EU Sustainable Aviation Fuels Task Group (SAFTG) gathered for their 11th meeting on 1 December to consider the final review and endorsement of the ECAC/EU SAF guidance material that had been developed by the group from December 2021. The group agreed to include a final section in the guidance summarising the key policy recommendations, and to incorporate an executive summary at the beginning of the document.

The draft guidance developed by the task group and delivered for consultation to EAEG (Expanded) on 12 December 2022 was then circulated for formal consultation to the members of EAEG (Expanded) on 14 December, and presented to facilitate its understanding and receive initial feedback at its 57th meeting on 15 December Final inputs are now being collected and the version that will be endorsed by EAEG in mid-January will be presented for approval to the Environment Programme Management Group (EPMG) in late January 2023 before being presented for endorsement to Directors General in February 2023 via written consultation.

The draft document was presented by the ECAC Secretariat together with Inmaculada Gomez Jimenez (Spain) in her capacity as SAFTG ECAC corapporteur and Mathilde Tannous (France), in her capacity as SAFTG member, who replied to questions from the EAEG members. Useful initial feedback was provided by the EAEG (Expanded) experts for consideration during the endorsement process.