ECAC Security Forum reviews security group work and current priorities

London, 24-25 May 2022 - Following a series of online sessions, the first in-person meeting of the Security Forum (SF/35) since 2019 took place in London. As well as reviewing the progress of ECAC’s security groups and being briefed on achievements in capacity-building activities, it had more detailed discussions on current security topics.

These topics included the application of open architecture in security equipment, focusing in particular on the regulatory questions around what would need to be done for the concept to be realised in the European context. In addition, there were two presentations from the United Kingdom and Turkey on the set-up of cyber security frameworks, which generated further discussion, and a broader-ranging session on practical experiences with the implementation of several new aviation security standards applicable in ECAC Member States since January 2022.

The meeting also took proposals for topics for the new short-format meetings of the Forum, which will include human factors in security and skills/recruitment issues.

Over 30 members and observer States and organisations attended the meeting on-site with a similar number joining the meeting online.