Relaunch of the ECAC Quality Assessment Programme

Frankfurt, 23-25 May 2022 - Pilot phase II of the ECAC Quality Assessment Programme on assistance to persons with disability and persons with reduced mobility (PRMs) was relaunched in May after being postponed several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This facilitation capacity-building programme was designed to ensure that Europe-wide, the service provided to PRMs is delivered in a harmonised, transparent and non-discriminatory way, to improve levels of customer service and safety for PRMs, and to strengthen the skills of national experts from ECAC Member States.

The first assessment in this second phase was hosted by Germany and took place at Frankfurt Airport. Assessment team members were from the Czech Republic, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the ECAC Secretariat, and also included an observer from Denmark. Through a combination of document reviews, interviews and observations, the team assessed the airport’s provision of services to PRMs. This assessment focused on the implementation of ECAC Doc 30, Part I – Facilitation, Annex 5 recommendations, and in particular on training matters, airport design and quality standards including the processes for providing services and for connecting flights.