Fourth meeting of the Sustainable Aviation Fuels Task Group

7 April 2022 - The ECAC/EU Sustainable Aviation Fuels Task Group (SAF-TG) held its fourth meeting online. Inmaculada Gómez (Spain) in her capacity as ECAC co-rapporteur, and Magnus Gislev, co-rapporteur from the European Commission’s DG MOVE, co-chaired the meeting.

Representatives from the World Economic Forum and the Energy Transitions Commission, who lead The Clean Skies for Tomorrow Coalition, an initiative to decarbonise global aviation through promoting sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and other next-generation technologies, were invited by the task group to join the meeting. They presented their SAF Policy Toolkit document, published in November 2021 and which has some similarities to the guidance material currently being developed by SAF-TG.

The meeting agreed to explore cooperation options to promote synergies and convergence among global initiatives with similar objectives, and to avoid duplication of efforts.

The meeting welcomed two new experts appointed by Finland. The task group now comprises 26 experts appointed by 13 ECAC Member States and five European organisations. Experts from other Member States are welcome to join the group!