First ECAC conference on the use of artificial intelligence in behaviour detection

13 December 2021 - ECAC organised its first conference on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in behaviour detection. More than 40 aviation security experts and scientific researchers from ECAC Member States and partner States met remotely to explore the capabilities of AI in behaviour detection. Particular attention was paid to the status of scientific research initiatives on AI to further strengthen the implementation of behaviour detection in the domain.

The conference combined virtual panel discussions with presentations by experienced speakers from ECAC Member States and the European Commission's DG-CONNECT. Topics discussed included the legal issues and limitations in the use of AI applied to behaviour detection in the aviation security context, the role of the human factor in the creation process of the AI systems, and ethics. 

The participants unanimously agreed that even though the use of AI in behaviour detection procedures is still quite limited, it definitely has the potential to enhance the effectiveness of behaviour detection operations and should be explored further, together with a careful analysis of the possible challenges and risks.