CEP awareness training (pilot webinar)

18-19 November 2021 - To further support the development of technical expertise in ECAC Member States and provide States with a better understanding of the ECAC Common Evaluation Process (CEP) of security equipment, the ECAC Secretariat has developed a new online training course entitled CEP Awareness Training.

A pilot webinar was conducted for security experts from the Republic of Moldova, Türkiye and Ukraine over two days in November. The webinar explored the legal basis for establishing the CEP, its objectives, key principles, benefits and deliverables, and the main actors involved in implementing the CEP. The types of security equipment and tests conducted within the framework of the CEP were also examined, and participants were introduced to the testing process and how test results are communicated, including the role of the CEP designees. Particular attention was paid to better understanding and using the CEP test reports of equipment found to meet a performance standard.

Due to the high number of States volunteering to participate in the pilot webinar, additional sessions will be organised in January 2022 and in the course of 2022.