Facilitation Working Group reviews developments in health matters and 2022 work programme

Paris/videoconference, 28 October 2021 - The members and observers of ECAC’s Facilitation Working Group met for their first hybrid meeting, in Paris, following several months of activity in the aviation domain with a heavy focus on facilitation matters.

The meeting reflected on the facilitation-related outcomes of recent events (facilitation stream of the ICAO High-level Conference on COVID-19, and the ICAO Facilitation Panel meeting), as well as the latest developments in the domain, looking in particular at health-related matters and COVID-19. Point of contact, Johan Skål (Finland), provided an update on health matters and recent discussions in CAPSCA.

Participants reviewed the status of implementation of the group’s 2021 work programme, and heard activity updates from the chairs of the sub-groups on immigration and the transport of persons with reduced mobility. They agreed on a proposal for the 2022 work programme. The creation of a new study group on Amendments to ECAC Doc 30, Part I – Facilitation, will be proposed, reporting directly to the working group. The study group will be tasked with inserting the input received from the sub-groups into ECAC Doc 30, Part I, and undertaking a broader and more comprehensive review of Doc 30 recommendations, to ensure better consistency in the document itself and with other relevant European and international reference documents on facilitation matters.