EUROCONTROL and ECAC urge all stakeholders to facilitate smooth implementation of COVID-19 health checks

6 July 2021 - As implementation of the EU Digital COVID Certificate entered into force across Europe on 1 July 2021, EUROCONTROL and the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) are calling on all stakeholders to ensure that aviation can function efficiently and without disruptions caused by COVID-19 health checks.

Eamonn Brennan, EUROCONTROL Director General said:

“Our aim at EUROCONTROL is to get Europe flying again safely, efficiently and in the most environmentally friendly manner. To achieve that, we’ve been working closely with airlines, airports, air navigation service providers to make sure that on the operational side, we are ready for the increase in flights we expect for the summer period. However, if those flights are being delayed due to passengers waiting in queues caused by COVID-19 health checks, that work will not bring the expected outcomes, and European citizens will rightly ask why this couldn’t be better managed.”

Ingrid Cherfils, President of ECAC, emphasised the importance of continuing strong cooperation among ECAC Member States, and added:

“We must ensure that we take advantage of this important step so that it contributes to the revitalisation of air transport this summer, in a safe, secure way while also maintaining the integrity of passengers. A coordinated approach across ECAC Member States, and close cooperation between national aviation and health authorities, remain essential to facilitate the integration of COVID-19 health checks as part of the smooth passenger journey at the airports”.

Read more in the press release published here.