First ECAC familiarisation webinar on basic knowledge on aviation and the environment

23 June 2021 - As part of its new environmental capacity-building programme, ECAC has launched a series of monthly familiarisation webinars offering basic knowledge on aviation and the environment. The webinars primarily target civil aviation officials who have recently taken on responsibility for environmental matters as well as staff seeking to gain knowledge in one of ECAC’s strategic priorities.

The webinars will feature participative sessions designed to provide a better understanding of aviation’s local and global environmental impacts and the European and ICAO policies to minimise those impacts, and a better understanding of the existing discussions at European and global levels. As part of EUROCONTROL support to the ECAC Programme, the first event held on 23 June welcomed a presentation by guest speaker Marylin Bastin (EUROCONTROL) on the key principles of sustainable aviation.

Nearly 50 experts from 22 ECAC Member States are expected to participate in these webinars. The next in the series is scheduled to be held on 8 July.