Introduction to ECAC for Member States

8-9 June 2021 - Launched in 2011, the Familiarisation Course for ECAC’s Directors General continues to provide insightful information to newly appointed Directors General of Civil Aviation and their colleagues working on ECAC-related matters on ECAC’s history, structure and activities, and how the organisation functions.

The 9th edition of the course was held virtually over two half-days. On day one, the participants learned more about ECAC’s mission, history and administrative procedures (such as voting procedures), as well as its structure, functioning and financial management. Day two presented an overview of the strategic priorities in all of ECAC’s domains of activity, including ECAC engagement with ICAO and external relations. The course was also a great opportunity for Member State representatives to meet members of the ECAC Secretariat.

Jon Gunnar Jonsson, Director General of the Icelandic Transport Authority (ICETRA), who attended the course, said:
"The course is very comprehensive and covers topics to help understand ECAC’s roles and responsibilities in aviation. The section on the structure and functioning of the organisation provided a matrix of extensive operation and involvement by Member States in several fields. This overview is very important for new members of the ECAC family."