ECAC Security Forum: focus on the implications of restarting security operation

27-28 May 2021 - The security implications of restarting operations with the gradual easing of travel restrictions were on the table for discussion at the 32nd meeting of the ECAC Security Forum. ECAC Member States, observer States and observer organisations exchanged views on the challenges for security operations notably due to staff returning after long periods of inactivity. The impact on security culture, the insider threat and training to implement adapted security measures were among the issues raised by participants.

Considering the long-term sustainability of the recovery of operations, the meeting identified as crucial the ability to respond quickly to potential new restrictions with security staff policies on flexibility, as well as cost efficiency, for which security equipment with artificial intelligence was considered a potential value.

Participants looked at the status of the 2021 work programmes and future developments by ECAC’s security task forces, study groups and the CEP, as well as the implementation of the ECAC capacity-building programmes in aviation security, including new activities developed to meet the needs of Member States. New amendments to ECAC Doc 30, Part II (Security) were also presented to Member States.