Training and certification of new aviation security auditors

Dublin, 12-18 June 2024 — For the first time since 2016, ECAC organised the training and certification of new ECAC aviation security auditors to meet the growing interest of Member States in ECAC audits.

The training and certification were hosted by Ireland, which also provided two experienced ECAC auditors to deliver the training course.

The objective of this training was to standardise the working methods of future ECAC auditors, ensuring they meet the objectives of the ECAC Aviation Security Audit Programme. It aimed to equip them with the necessary information and documentation for effective immersion into the Programme.

Security auditors from seven Member States, the United States and the ECAC Secretariat participated, gaining practical auditing skills, knowledge of the Programme’s methodology, procedures and tools, and a clear understanding of ECAC Doc 30, Part II (Security) recommendations.
In addition to theoretical training, the course proposed several classroom activities and an exercise at Dublin Airport.

The training concluded with a certification session to confirm that candidates possessed the necessary skills and competencies to participate in the Programme. Several participants successfully completed the certification and have been qualified as ECAC auditors. They will be invited by the ECAC Secretariat to participate in future ECAC aviation security audits.