Directors General convene in Paris: key decisions on European aviation and ECAC operations

Paris, 25 April 2024 —  Directors General convened in Paris for their spring meeting (DGCA/162), where they made a number of decisions relating to European participation in global aviation events, as well as on ECAC’s work, including the penultimate stages of approval of the budget and the work programme.

They endorsed the coordinated European papers proposed for presentation to the ICAO Air Navigation Conference scheduled for August-September this year. Additionally, they confirmed the approach to be taken by the environment expert groups in preparing the common section of State Action Plans for CO2 emissions reductions to be submitted to ICAO.

Directors General also approved new Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure for the ECAC Coordinating Committee, alongside procedures for handling contributions in arrears and the electronic recording of meetings of ECAC groups. EUROCONTROL, EASA, JAA TO and the European representatives in Montreal presented updates on their work.

Finally, the meeting was delighted to welcome David Pekoske, Administrator of the United States Transportation Security Administration, for a discussion on aviation security priorities and strengthened cooperation between ECAC and the United States.