Armenia hosts training course for national auditors

Yerevan, 4-8 March 2024 — National security auditors from Albania, Armenia, Estonia and the Republic of Moldova gathered in Yerevan for a five-day training course hosted by the Civil Aviation Committee of Armenia.

The course provided a valuable opportunity for the experts to deepen their understanding of their role, powers, and responsibilities as national auditors and strengthen their experience and proficiency in conducting national compliance monitoring activities.

The training programme introduced the participants to inspection and audit methodology along with best practices for debriefing, compliance assessment, and report writing. Through a combination of theoretical instruction, interactive classroom activities and practical exercises conducted at an airport, the participants were familiarised with best practices in techniques for inspecting passenger and cabin baggage screening, hold baggage screening and protection, and passenger and baggage reconciliation.

Moreover, the course facilitated a deeper comprehension of the main security technologies, equipping auditors with a better understanding of their capabilities and limitations in detecting prohibited items.

The participation of a knowledgeable and experienced security expert from Romania as a co-instructor was a valuable contribution to the course.