Guidance Material Task Force reflects on recent accomplishments and plans for 2024

Dublin/videoconference, 16-17 January 2024 — The allocation of responsibilities in the 2024 work programme of the Guidance Material Task Force (GMTF) was the main focus of the group’s first meeting of the year, conducted in a hybrid format.

More than ten new documents are scheduled for development by the task force in 2024. These include measuring vulnerabilities in aviation security, regulating the security of unmanned aircraft systems, mitigating the risks of MANPADS, alarm resolution for chemicals in cabin baggage, and change management in aviation security. Furthermore, the task force is set to revise 18 existing Doc 30, Part II (Security) Annexes and ECAC Aviation Security Handbook documents this year.

During the meeting, the task force reviewed the implementation of its internal strategy for the period 2022-2024. This encompassed a review of the major accomplishments in the previous two years, with 21 tasks completed in 2022 and 42 tasks in 2023. The group also reflected on the challenges encountered and future developments.

Acknowledging the pivotal role played by GMTF chair, Eleanor Travers (Ireland) in achieving these results, the task force and the ECAC Secretariat expressed their sincere gratitude to Ms Travers for her commitment, leadership and outstanding contribution over the past five years. They noted that Ms Travers had recently been appointed as the new chair of the ECAC Security Forum.