EU-EASA-ECAC Central Asia Project (EaP/CA)

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Supporting the implementation of aviation agreements in the Eastern Partnership countries and upgrading civil aviation safety and security standards in Central Asia

(EaP/CA Project)

In December 2015, the European Commission awarded a grant to EASA to run a project focusing on the implementation of aviation agreements in the Eastern Partnership countries and the upgrade of civil aviation safety and security standards in Central Asia specifying, however, that the implementation of its aviation security component should be entrusted to ECAC.

This EUR 5 million project focuses mainly on safety but also includes a EUR 500 000 component dedicated to air cargo and mail security.

A Collaboration Agreement outlining the implementation of the security component of the Project was signed between EASA and ECAC in July 2016.

Objectives of the aviation security component

The overall objective of this Project is to support the sustainable development of civil aviation administration systems in the Partner States, i.e. six Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine) and four Central Asian countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan).

In relation to aviation security, the Project contains the following three specific objectives focusing on air cargo and mail security:

  • to promote a thorough understanding of international requirements on cargo and mail security;
  • to support the review and amendment of aviation cargo and mail security legislation and regulations in the Partner States with the aim of ensuring that existing aviation security legislation, regulation and programmes are compliant with international rules and best practices in the field of air cargo and mail security;
  • to support the development of a self-sustaining compliance monitoring system for cargo and mail security.

Activities to be delivered by ECAC

A number of activities are planned to be implemented in the framework of the Project. They include:

  • workshops on cargo and mail security and specific workshops on the screening of cargo and mail;
  • mentoring activities on cargo/mail security regulations in view of supporting the Partner States in establishing or further developing their cargo and mail security regulations and programmes, including training requirements for all persons involved in cargo security and in establishing a cargo secure supply chain, requirements for cargo/mail screening, etc.;
  • training activities (Best Practices for Cargo Inspectors) focusing on the development of expertise in monitoring the implementation of cargo and mail security measures by national inspectors; and
  • aviation security audits and on-site evaluations on cargo and mail security in order to evaluate the level of compliance with international standards and propose sustainable procedures for national authorities to implement.

Implementation of the Project

The implementation of the Project is coordinated by the ECAC Deputy Executive Secretary and the Aviation Security Audit and Capacity Building Officer, supported by an administrative assistant.

In addition, a pool of short-term experts nominated by ECAC Member States complements the ECAC team for the development and implementation of capacity-building activities. ECAC-certified auditors, vulnerability assessors and trainers, who are on the ECAC rosters, are also included for the delivery of activities under the Project.

The implementation of the Project is designed to take place in a period of three years. The kick-off meeting was held in July 2016 in Chisinau (Moldova), followed by subsequent meetings, with the representatives of the European Commission, EASA, ECAC and beneficiary countries. Since the end of 2016, several cargo/mail security events have taken place - audits (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine), three workshops on cargo and mail security/screening, two Best Practices for Cargo Inspectors courses and mentoring activities (Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Republic of Moldova).

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