Alessio Quaranta - Italy

Italy - Alessio Quaranta


Alessio Quaranta was elected as president of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) on 12 July 2021

A law graduate, Mr Quaranta has a postgraduate specialisation degree in public administration and has attended several further training courses in legal areas.

He has been ENAC director general since 26 June 2019. He held several positions in the international civil aviation field, including the following: vice president of ECAC; Focal Point for Facilitation and Security in the ECAC Coordinating Committee; and Focal Point for Economic Matters in the ECAC Coordinating Committee, with particular reference to the management of initiatives related to COVID-19.

Currently, he holds the following positions in the main international civil aviation organisations:

  • President of ECAC
  • Focal Point for External Relations in the ECAC Coordinating Committee
  • National Accountable Executive for the International Civil Aviation Organization State Safety Programme
  • Member of the Provisional Council and the President's Bureau of EUROCONTROL and alternate member of the Italian Minister of Infrastructures and Transports in the Permanent Commission of the Agency
  • Member of the Management Board of EASA (EU Aviation Safety Agency)
  • Head of the Italian delegation at the International Civil Aviation Organization Assembly, including the 40th ICAO Assembly (Montreal, 24 September - 4 October 2020)
  • Head of the Italian delegation at high-level meetings, international negotiations and bilateral negotiations for the air traffic agreements signed by Italy
  • President of EATEO (European Association of Aviation Training and Education Organisations)

He is a member of the Scientific Committee of several journals, author of articles and publications and speaker at several conferences on national and international air transport issues.