Olivier Meynot - France

Olivier Meynot - France

Olivier Meynot joined the Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGAC) in 2005 after training at the Institut Régional d'Administration in Metz. From 2008 onwards, he followed, on behalf of France, the negotiations of European air transport agreements and their implementation alongside the European Commission. At the same time, Olivier was involved in the work of economic working groups at ECAC and in the work of the ICAO Air Transport Regulation Panel (ATRP) where, in particular, the conditions for the liberalisation of air transport services were discussed.

He joined the DGCA's Sustainable Development Sub-Directorate in November 2021 to represent France on the Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection. Prior to this, Olivier had an aeronautical career that was more operationally oriented, as he was a pilot as well as an helicopter maintenance specialist.

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