Furkan Özdemir - Türkiye

Furkan Özdemir - Türkiye

Mehmet Furkan Özdemir began his career in Turkish Airlines as an aviation specialist in 2014. After four years, he began working for the Turkish Directorate General of Civil Aviation as an Assistant Aviation Expert respectively in Aviation Security and Air Transport Departments. Furkan has become an Aviation Expert by completing his thesis in the field of EU External Aviation Policy within the scope of the Common Aviation Area.

He is responsible for international affairs (ECAC, EUROCONTROL, ICAO etc.), and bilateral negotiations, monitoring and evaluating the studies related to the international civil aviation organizations of which Turkey is a member and represents the Turkish DGCA by participating in related studies.

Currently, Furkan is Türkiye’s ECAC focal point and also is a member of the ECAC Network of Communication Specialists (NETCOM), the Economic Working Group (ECO), and ad-hoc group on ECAC Legal Status.


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